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Stanton Industries, Inc is a woman-owned business specializing in the sale, service and support of all things vacuum pump related. We can assist with new and refurbished vacuum pumps, vacuum pump repairs, vacuum pump oils and grease, replacement parts and kits, vacuum fittings, filters, and gauges.

The foundation of our company has been built on industry-leading customer service and we pride ourselves on being a one-point of contact resource for all your vacuum pump needs.

Our mission is to provide our clients with top-quality products and workmanship at competitive pricing with industry-leading customer service.


Our History



Stanton Industries, Inc was founded in 1996 by Elaine Wasilewski. Elaine began her career in vacuum as a sales specialist in the fluid industry where she spent 10 years learning about vacuum from the inside out. She spent those years in front of vacuum pump users across the country learning about their processes and making fluid recommendations to enhance or improve pump longevity. Elaine thrived on helping her customers and recognized that with the many hats her customers wore it would be great to be able provide a one stop resource for everything related to their pumps. In 1996 she founded Stanton Industries, Inc. with the mission of just that---being a one stop connection for all things vacuum pump related all while offering superior customer service.  


Today, Kristi Phillips-Bifolchi is proud to carry on Elaine’s legacy of Stanton Industries, Inc. and operates the company under the same principles in which Elaine founded the company under. Prior to joining Elaine, she spent 20 years as a commercial lender where she was known for being an advocate for her customers.

Our mission has been and always will be to keep the customer at the heart of everything we do.

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